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Foster Embry is for authors, by authors. We encourage collaboration between artist and publisher, and every author receives personal attention. If you have a story waiting to be told, polish it up and send it our way. Please read our guidelines below to ensure your work fits our current needs. 

In the not-yet-immortal words of one of our founders: Write on!

Please read our guidelines. If you think we are a match, then we are ready to meet your manuscript!

We are currently seeking:


Fiction novels (>55,000 words), Novellas (20,000-40,000 words), and Anthologies (>55,000 words)

No short stories unless they are part of an anthology that is at least a total of fifty-five thousand words.


  • Mystery 
  • Thriller 
  • Suspense 
  • Paranormal 
  • Fantasy 
  • Sci-Fi 
  • Dystopian 
  • Horror 
  • Western 
  • Women's fiction 
  • Crime Drama  
  • Young Adult (see below)
  • Romance (see below)
  • Erotica (see below)

Genre-specific guidelines:

Foster Embry wants to respect authors' creativity, however, we have a few requests...

Please read before submitting Young Adult, Romance, or Erotica

Now Available

Contemporary Fairytale

Book cover image, Once Upon A Kiss by Rachael Tamayo

Rachael Tamayo puts a new spin on Prince Charming in this modern retelling of a classic love story. This time, however, the princess doesn't need anyone to rescue her. 

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 Isabella Adams' third novel in the Markos Mystery Series. Detective Patrick Malone, gunned down over two decades ago, left behind a legacy of secrets and betrayal. Now, his son Sean is left to untangle the web of lies before history repeats itself. 

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Romantic Comedy


A rollicking romance that takes readers around NYC as a newly unemployed ad-exec develops a daring dating app and (hopefully) finds love in the process. From Emmy Award-winning author, Pat Obermeier.

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Coming Soon

A Life Without Living


A paranormal romance by seasoned author and playwright, SC Alban. How many lifetimes would you wait for your true love?

A Scandal At Crystalline


Join debut author Rosyln Reid for an exciting New England mystery that has it all: murder, deceit, sex, and a police psychic.

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Our Philosophy

We believe there is a story inside all of us. We want to help authors share their art while giving back to their community. With every publication, we give authors the opportunity to donate a percentage of their royalties to the charity of their choice (this is not, however, a requirement to publish with us, just an opportunity).

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We are not a vanity press. Authors do not pay to publish their work with us. In fact, we believe that, in the ever eloquent spirit of Harlan Ellison, when it comes to publishing an author's work: you can use my stuff, all you gotta do is pay me.

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